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Springwater Township's staff pilot four-day work-week

The Township of Springwater will participate in a pilot project shifting all of its 75 full-time employees to a four-day work-week.

The four-day week will begin on April 25, with staff split into two teams.

One team will work Monday to Thursday, the other Tuesday to Friday. Each team working mainly 10-hour shifts.

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"We've looked at a couple of other municipalities in Ontario who have been able to implement a similar project, and the Township of Springwater wants to put ourselves on the map, and this is one way we feel we can do so," said Springwater's CEO Jeff Schmidt.

In a survey, 90 per cent of staff revealed they would like a flexible work arrangement.

Katy Nary is a township employee who voted in favour of the change. "I love it because I'm going to have more time to spend with my family, and I think it will really give me more time to balance my life and my work so I can enjoy work as much as I enjoy my life."

Residents will benefit from the compressed work-week as well, with access to town hall increasing by an hour per day because of the longer shifts.

The Township said the new working schedules wouldn't impact the taxpayer's wallets.

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Springwater Township's mayor noted several potential long-term benefits to the changes.

"As many of you would know, resources are limited now, and the completion for those resources is tight, is tough. It's tough to fill positions with good, qualified people, so if you are innovative in your human resource policies, then people pay attention and are attracted to your organization."

Mayor Don Allen said he hoped the move would encourage highly skilled people to future job openings.

The Township will re-evaluate the new four-day work-week project in five months and then determine what changes will be made or if it will move ahead with it permanently. Top Stories

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