Snowmobilers have been flocking to a corner of Georgian Bay this winter to see a spectacular site – a series of natural ice caves is drawing people from all over.

The temperature was -28 in Honey Harbour Friday morning but Kate Dudman doesn't mind the cold because she loves snowmobiling.  She says ice conditions here are better than they have been in years.

“There are so many words to describe it awesome, epic, one for the books. Trail conditions have been awesome we have had so much snow. We are getting to places we haven't been in years.”

The latest satellite images from NASA show that the Great Lakes are more than 80 per cent ice covered and this was an opportunity to travel across the ice to "Giants Tomb" an island in the southeastern corner of Georgian Bay.  Dudman has made this trip multiple times in recent weeks to see these spectacular ice caves.

The mountains of ice are formed by waves piling up pieces of floating ice in shallow water and judging by the size of the formations they were some pretty big waves.

Some ice faces are more than 8 meters high and before the lake froze over completely wave action hollowed out these chambers.

These formations have now become a popular destination for snowmobilers. Mark Walsh relied on friends to guide him here so he could see the caves for himself.

“There are eight of us we are like our own little pack. A lot of the guys know the waters which is extremely important because I'm a rocky at this stuff.”

Glen Cascagnette says it's not unusual for ice caves to form on the western shore of the island but this winter they are something special and news is travelling fast through the snowmobiling community.

“Oh ya, it's pretty popular now word of mouth it's going around, it’s a beautiful sight, it’s nature's wonder right.”

Dudman says this is a rare opportunity to see something special.

“I want people to see the ice caves; I don't know when this will happen again. I don't know when the last time it happened I heard the 70’s were a good time for the ice caves, of this I magnitude I just think everybody should have the opportunity to see them.”

No ice cave can be considered safe, so if you want to go you should travel with an experienced guide.