Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, and singing are banned on a lake in Muskoka this summer.

The Township of Georgian Bay passed a bylaw amendment in March, effectively turning Myers Lake into a 24-hour quiet zone.

“We’re in the stages of testing it for the summer,” says Mayor Larry Braid. “Basically they have to keep quiet for the most part throughout the day.”

Braid says they received several complaints in 2017 about noise on the lake, which is located south of MacTier. There are 61 properties that circle the lake.

Under the amended bylaw, “yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing or other similar human sound” is prohibited.

“Operation of any electronic device or group speakers or other electromechanical transducers, and intended for the production, reproduction or amplification of noise” is also banned.

Braid admits the main issue stems from people using loud stereo systems.

“I don’t imagine our bylaw officer is going to give someone a ticket just for singing. However, if it goes out through a boom box, and you can hear it several hundred feet away, that’s likely going to be offensive to neighbours up there.” 

Someone who violates the bylaw could face a $180 fine. People who rent out their cottages could also be fined if their tenants don’t adhere to the changes.

Council will take the summer to see how the new rules are received by residents.  If things don’t go well, the amendments could be scrapped.

If the bylaw works, it could be implemented in other areas of the township.