BARRIE -- People can still remember the deep sounds of the tuba as Jaws swam into theatres Summer 1975, now 45 years later the great white is circling back to take another bite at theatres.

Galaxy Cinemas Barrie is one of 25 locations across the province re-opening the doors today allowing 50 people per individual screen.

"Cineplex has been entertaining Canadians for over 100 years and today we get to go back and do what we do best," says Cineplex Executive Director Sarah Van Lange.

Cineplex will take a phased approach and says careful consideration went into choosing which locations would re-open.

"We actually looked at our attendance levels and we looked at demographics and we looked at where Canadians are and that's how we made those determinations," says Van Lange.

To welcome movie-lovers back, Cineplex will be offering $5 tickets and showing some new releases along with past favourites complete with core concession items including popcorn, pop, and candy.

Ciniplex has launched reserved seating in all auditoriums with some seating options automatically blocked off to ensure social distancing. Enhanced cleaning measures will also take place.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the self-serve kiosk.