The town of Shelburne will debate the future of policing at council on Monday evening.

As it stands now, policing accounts for one-third of the town’s budget, that equates to $700 per household annually.

Shelburne’s previous town council requested the OPP costing after it became clear the local force needed a new police station which would cost between 5 to 8-million-dollars.

The town of Orangeville is also considering the switch to the provincial police force.  

Orangeville Mayor Sandy Brown says once they have the costing for the OPP there will be an open discussion.  “I would expect within the next six months, and at that time we will have a public consultation.”

Officials with both towns say they may consider hiring consultants to help with the decision.

“We have a pretty good idea of the level of service the Shelburne police are providing, how do we compare that to what the OPP are proposing,” asks Shelburne Mayor Wade Mills.

Information following the council meeting tonight will be posted to the town of Shelburne's website on Tuesday.