School officials in York region are investigating a shocking case involving a Twitter account openly sharing explicit confessions.

The posts on the @GTAconfessionTwitter account are explicit and lurid.

A majority refer to drug use and sexual acts.  Each confession is allegedly made by a high school student.

The majority of tweets tend to be graphic in nature, referring to illicit drug use or explicit sexual acts.

Some of the more tame tweets include:

“One day me and my buddie (sic) got so high that we passed out on the bus and ended up in Scarborough-Newmarket.”

Another tweet: “I’ve hooked up with all my guy friends…Some girl friends too-Aurora.”

@GTAconfession has drawn considerable attention, boasting nearly 60,000 followers.

“Some post can be inappropriate and not fair for some kids who have their names involved but some post are innocent and kind of funny,” says Grade 11 student Jesse Joynt.

Grade 11 student Eric Mackenzie adds, “I just learned about it not too long ago and it's pointless.”

The account encourages high school students to make anonymous confessions through email and then post their confessions on Twitter. In almost every case the confessor isn't named but cities, towns, and schools are. 

The content has left parents who’ve seen the tweets shocked and speechless.

“We can't control it. It's very worrisome that they put themselves out there like that,” says mother Natalie Fitzpatrick.

With nearly 16,000 followers, it has caught the eye of the York Region District School Board.

“We are treating it as cyber bullying and investigating as much as possible,” says Licinio Miguelo with the board.

The school board has been monitoring the account after learning about it over March Break. The board has all of its high school principals talking to students and wants the account taken down.

“We've been approach by students and some cases their families about the content that's being posted and it's graphic details about things that are happening that are in many cases not true and even if they are shouldn't be released in that way,” says Miguelo.

The school board made York Regional Police aware of the Twitter account, but after reviewing it police say they haven’t found anything illegal.

“In most cases from what we can look at names are not being used, photographs are not being used, they are general comments about what may or may not have happened,” says Const. Andy Pattenden.

The person behind the account said via email they have no intention of bullying anyone and removes tweets directed at anyone specific. They also say neither the school board nor police have asked them to take down the account.

Nevertheless, the school board says the tweets can be degrading and slanderous and will continue to try and stop it.