Scenic Caves Nature Adventures in Collingwood was recognized as one of ten top snowshoeing locations in North America by Snowshoe Magazine.

"It's a huge deal for us to be in a magazine of this nature,” said Scenic Caves Nordic Centre’s Linda Service. “We just can't buy that kind of recognition. It's wonderful that people are coming and finding out about us."

The centres had to adhere to certain guideline before being considered for the list.

For example, they couldn’t be attached to a major resort and they had to have rental equipment available.

They were also rated on family atmosphere, activities available, location, accessibility, and number of dedicated snowshoe trails.

Scene Caves was one of only two Canadian centres that made the cut.

They provide ten kilometres of trails, including one that takes snowshoers across a 420 feet suspension bridge.

“It's a great chance to just talk,” said Parry Sound snowshoer Victoria Shaw. “And at the same time you get to see the beauty of the nature around you and enjoy the winter."

Scenic Caves also offers a unique guided nighttime hike so you can snowshoe under the stars.