BARRIE, ONT. -- Halloween will look different this year for regions able to participate. CTV's Madison Erhardt spoke with Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital's pediatrician, Dr. Michelle Gordon, about trick-or-treating best practices.

Madison: What do you think about kids going out to trick-or-treat this Halloween?

Dr. Gordon: I think it is really important that families are aware of the public health recommendations in their own area.

In Toronto, Peel and Ottawa, due to very high case numbers, public health has recommended that kids do not go door-to-door trick-or-treating and that they look for other Halloween activities.

In our region, trick-or-treating is still allowed. Parents and children will need to be mindful that it is going to look a little bit different than it has in the past.

Madison: How can it be done safely?

Dr. Gordon: Families need to remember that they need to be wearing a mask. Children and parents should all have masks on, and just remember to not put a costume plastic mask on top of your COVID mask for safety reasons.

People should remain socially distanced, staying in small groups.

They also need to remember to stay socially distanced from the people handing out candy as well.

There have been some very creative ideas floating around. Dr. Theresa Tam has suggested a very Canadian way of doing it, which would be handing out candy with a hockey stick.

Madison: What are you watching closely over these next few weeks?

Dr. Gordon: I think what we are all watching for is what will happen with those numbers over the next few weeks. We are hoping that some of the additional measures that public health continues to put in will help flatten that curve.