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RVH launches booking system for minor limb injuries patients

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ont. (Mike Arsalides/CTV News) Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ont. (Mike Arsalides/CTV News)

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) in Barrie launches its new pilot project booking system Thursday for those with minor limb injuries.

The pilot project allows patients who need to be assessed and treated for minor injuries to a limb to book same-day or next-day arrival times at the hospital's emergency department.

"As the busiest ED in the region, RVH will begin a new process where patients will be able to book an arrival time for registration for minor injuries such as a sprain, strain, or potential simple fracture to an arm or leg through an online booking portal," said Sharon Ramagnano, RVH's operations director for emergency, critical care and trauma.

"This new booking system is a pilot project with the goal to decrease overall wait times for patients by scheduling these arrival times earlier in the day to prevent ED overcrowding at the busiest times."

The project starts with six specific daily arrival times, Monday to Friday, for triage, registration, provider assessment, and potentially an X-ray.

RVH said patients begin by answering questions online regarding their injury and any potential exclusion criteria such as bleeding, loss of consciousness, head, neck or back injuries.

"The project will be continually evaluated to eventually expand and include other minor ailments such as simple cuts or lacerations, as well as cold and flu symptoms," Ramagnano said.

"Patients will also be asked if they would like to consent to having an anonymous survey sent to them to gather patient feedback on the new process to continue to improve. The idea is to expand the number of assessment spots and grow the project."

Booking is done through the RVH website under the emergency department. Top Stories

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