Several roads have flooded in Muskoka and in Ramara Township.

Officials have closed Sherwood Forest Road in Bracebridge. About 11 inches of water was measured on the road on Thursday morning.

Minor flooding is also reported on Fraserburg Road, Critiford Road and Crockford Road in Bracebridge.

Several homes in flood-prone areas are also surrounded by water, as flows move down from the north.

“It's just one big lake. It can appear like a lake and you kind of lose where the road actually is,” says Walt Schmid, director of public works.

To help drivers in flooded areas, the town has installed new wooden posts.

“What the town has done this year is install barriers on the side of the road, markers so that driver travelling on the road can stay on the road. They were put in last fall in preparation for this spring.”

The town is also planning to raise some of the roads in flood-prone areas; something they believe will help ease flooding concerns.

In Ramara, it’s a similar situation. Bluebird Street is flooded and officials are keeping a close eye on nearby homes.

Fire chief David McCarthy says high water levels will continue to be a problem until the Black River drops.

Back in Muskoka, several docks have been swallowed up by high water levels. This is the case in Bala and Lake of Bays areas. However officials say there are no buildings affected, at least that they’re aware of.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry re-issued a flood warning for the north and south branch of the Muskoka River, the Moon River and the Bala Reach on Wednesday.

A flood watch has also been issued for Muskoka, Parry Sound and a portion of Haliburton.

The MNR says flows along the Muskoka River into the Bala Reach have surpassed the lower flooding threshold and will likely rise even more in the coming days.

Officials also say all rivers in the district are experiencing high flows because of thunderstorms and rain.

Residents in low-lying or flood prone areas should keep an eye on water conditions and should ensure their sump pump is functioning.