WASAGA BEACH, ONT. -- Waterfront property owners in Wasaga Beach have less property to enjoy these days.

The water has been rising on Georgian Bay, causing widespread erosion and, in many places along Wasaga Beach, the sandy shoreline is now completely submerged.

The water came up another five centimetres this month. The average water level is now 12 centimetres higher than the record for the month set back in June 1986, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Water is reaching beyond the boundaries of Wasaga Beach provincial park, and eating away at private property that was once more than 50 meters away from the water's edge.

"We had 150 feet of beach out front, and now the property line is 15 feet out into the water," says Wasaga Beach resident Dr. Jim Henderson

Some waterfront homeowners have placed stakes to mark their property lines, and many old fences and barriers are still visible.

But it's not clear what can or should be done about boundaries as the shoreline continues to change.

"The owners along the bay probably need some guidance, whether it's governmental guidance, guidance from somebody," Henderson says.