COLLINGWOOD, ONT. -- For many restaurants, bars and cafes, the colder weather means the end of patio season. But, that's not the case at Downtown Collingwood's 1858 Caesar Bar.

"This is a ski town," says manager Tim Alli. "People will come in their snowsuits and stay outside with the heaters on for Canada's national drink."

Alli says that as colder weather approaches, they will continue to offer outdoor dining. But it isn't a new experiment. They started offering the outdoor eating and drinking experience last winter.

"We try to make it as warm and fuzzy as possible," Alli says, pointing out three heaters already running.

"Especially on a nice, cooler fall day…we turn the heaters on to warm up, or people like to keep their jackets on to enjoy the outdoors as well."

Alli says the business is actually in better shape than it was before the pandemic.

But with COVID-19 cases rising across the province, some Ontario doctors are calling on the government to implement stricter dining restrictions. Some doctors believe indoor dining should be temporarily stopped.

At Collingwood's Sol Kitchen, there are options to eat inside, out on the patio, or to grab takeout. However owner Silann Kaduc says outdoor dining has been the most popular option, even when the weather isn't ideal.

But, outdoor dining may not always be an option at Sol Kitchen much longer.

"At this point we've looked at keeping the patio up until the end of October, we'll see how the weather goes," says Kudac.

If indoor dining becomes their main focus, she says they will install barriers between tables. If they have to regress as cases get higher, they are confident in their takeout and delivery options.

"Certainly, it is important to be able to allow people to sit indoors. But if it's not able to be done safely though, it's certainly not wise," says Kudac.