With high temperatures, rapid melting and heavy rain in the forecast, residents in Muskoka are preparing for the worst.

People who live on the bank of the Muskoka River in Bracebridge and experienced flooding last year have been watching the river slowly rise every day.

“It’s probably come up eight inches over the past two days,” says one resident.

A flood warning has already been issued for Muskoka and Parry Sound and now there is a risk of heavy rain, up to 50 millimetres could be expected between Sunday and Tuesday.

Chris Leawood is also measuring water levels. With his dock already partially submerged he’s moving valuables to higher ground.

“We have a property we just invested in, it’s concerning but no matter what you do Mother Nature is in control. So you have to be as best prepared as you can.”

The Town of Bracebridge activated its emergency plan as a precaution after getting an update from the Ministry of Resources on Sunday.

More than 5,000 sandbags are being made available for residents for free over the next few days at the Fowler Construction yard.

In Huntsville, officials are keeping a close eye on the forecast and the Big East River which hasn’t crested over its banks yet.

“With the snow pact we got, we expect the rivers will eventually overflow the banks in the normal flood prone areas,” says Huntsville Fire Chief Steve Hernen.

And in Parry Sound people there are also bracing for flooding as the Segwin River continues to swell.

Back in Bracebridge, the Muskoka River hasn’t reached capacity yet but officials say if a large amount of rain does fall it could be a day or two before the true effect is felt. Either way some people aren’t taking any chances.

“Last year we were about six inches away from flooding the basement and we just want to be prepared this year,” says resident Ryan Gurel.

Officials in Bracebridge will meet again on Monday to assess the situation and move forward.