An RCMP officer charged with child pornography offences was released on bail on Monday following a hearing in a Barrie courtroom.

Michael Gavin Thomander is facing two counts of possession, one count of accessing, and one count of making available child pornography.

Thomander, while out on bail, will not be allowed to be around children under the age of 16 or use or access any electronic devices including those with access to the internet. 

He must stay in the company of his parents, who are coming from Nova Scotia to live with him in Barrie.

Thomander has also been suspended with pay from the R.C.M.P, and must report to their Newmarket branch every day.

Meanwhile, an Air Cadets leader who was also charged with child pornography offences remains out on bail under strict conditions following a hearing on Friday.  

48-year-old Collin Christopher Scott was the Commanding Officer for the Cadets in Barrie, and was in charge of about 160 cadets between the ages of 12 and 18. 

Cadet staff have been in contact with the cadets and their parents, and a meeting was organized to address any of their concerns.

Thomander and Scott will both be in Barrie court on February 2nd.