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Raw and Reflective calendar raises over $120,000 for cancer support


The Raw and Reflective calendar, a poignant tribute to cancer survivors and those battling the disease, returned this year.

The annual calendar honours and highlights the stories of cancer survivors, shedding light on their journeys with resilience and hope.

Notably, the calendar has successfully raised over $120,000, with all proceeds benefiting Gilda's Club, an organization dedicated to supporting families navigating the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

In a heartwarming display of generosity, on Monday, the group responsible for the calendar presented a check totalling more than $21,000 to Gilda's Club, representing the funds raised from the 2024 calendar project.

The calendars feature the inspiring stories of 12 cancer survivors and offers a platform for these individuals to share their stories with the world, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Sharon Smith, the founder of the Raw and Reflective Calendar, expressed her pride in the collective efforts that have contributed to making a tangible difference.

"I'm proud of the people that I have surrounded myself with and how together we do make a difference and move ahead, being able to see the actual number come to fruition," said Smith.

Barrie Mayor Alex Nuttall also praised the calendar's impact, emphasizing the significance of the substantial funds channelled into Gilda's Club.

"It's incredible to be able to show so much money going into Gilda's Club, providing such incredible help and support in what many times are catastrophic situations for families," said Mayor Nuttall.

Looking ahead, Smith expressed her aspirations to uphold the legacy of the Raw and Reflective Calendar for years to come, with her focus now set on preparations for the upcoming 2025 issue. Top Stories

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