Typically coyotes are biggest threat to farmer’s livestock, but for some farms in Grey-Bruce County the threat is coming from the sky.

Farmer Andrea Buschbeck has witnessed the cruel and unusual death of new born lambs and calves from attacking ravens.

“They are not scavengers anymore, I think they are going for anything they can get,” said Buschbeck.

For Buschbeck losing a young animal to a raven was unheard of a few years ago, but he has lost five calves to attacking ravens this spring alone.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry ravens traditionally inhabit more northern parts of the province, but over the past decade have become established here in Grey County. The ministry says raven have been nesting in communication towners and abandoned barns.

The ministry says attacks on lambs or young calves are uncommon and is likely learned behaviour of individual Ravens.

Ravens are protected under the fish and wildlife protection act, but a young calf is now worth more than a $1,000 and farmers can kill the birds legally to protect their property.

“The eyes plucked out, blood running out of his head and the little guy is lying there dead"

It's Brian Klages' job to verify what killing livestock in the area is, He says Farmers can recoup some of their losses through the provinces wildlife damage compensation program and this year more calves were lost to Ravens than Coyotes.

“Every year it's getting more and more of the raven kills of the cattle every year it's getting worse,” he said.

Farmers seeking compensation for Livestock losses must report the incident to the ministry of agriculture within forty eight hours so an investigator can verify what kind of predator is involved