BARRIE, ONT. -- The Ray Twinney Complex in Newmarket is once again buzzing with activity as York Region's COVID numbers continue to decline and its vaccination rate continues to climb.

"The hockey arena is a great environment because you can have continuous flow through from one end to the other," says Gayle Seddon, the director of community and programs at Southlake Hospital.

This weekend the region and Southlake Hospital are teaming up to hold family vaccine days. The clinic is targeted towards youth 12 years of age and older and their families.

"I was sort of nervous at first, but then I was like really happy afterwards because I'm vaccinated now, and we need to protect everyone," said 13-year-old Rojan Wiliams, who got the Pfizer shot Saturday morning.

To help encourage kids to come out, a DJ was brought in along with other performers. Officials even had free ice cream for those who got their shot.

"We want every demographic vaccinated as much as possible; we want to keep moving forward and getting people vaccinated," said Newmarket Mayor John Taylor.

Dr. Charmaine Van Schaik says the hockey arena format has worked well.

"From the very begging we've been able to operationalize it; we fine tune it almost daily, depending on the population we're seeing," Van Schaik said. "We've made adaptations this weekend for the youth; we've spaced the time out."

The town says the vaccination clinics at the arena have vaccinated more than 100,000 people so far. They are hoping to vaccinate 1000 people each day this weekend.