The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has approved a controversial wind turbine project in Clearview Township.

Green energy company WPD Canada, have been trying for years to get permission to build eight turbines in Clearview as part of a $50M development project.

“We’re pleased the Ministry has approved the Fairview project,” said WPD spokesperson, Kevin Surette. “We’re hopeful we can begin construction in relatively short order, using competitively-priced local labour and services as much as possible.”

Once constructed, the company estimates the turbines will feed 39,838,000 kWh annually into the local electricity grid; equivalent to the average annual power usage of 2,276 homes.

The Town of Collingwood and Township of Clearview have been opposed to the project because several of the 500 Ft. turbines would be near the Collingwood Regional Airport.

A recent economic study commissioned by Collingwood and Clearview stated the turbines would be a blow to expanding the airport and business.

“We [Clearview Township] are extremely disappointed that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has granted WPD Canada a Renewable Energy Approval for the Fairview Wind Project” stated Clearview Township Mayor Christopher Vanderkruys in a press release.

As a result of the approval, a court hearing on the matter schedule for Friday has been cancelled.

Clearview’s ChiefAdministrative Officer, Stephen Sage said the township will be contacting its legal team to identify any possible next steps.

In a press release, WPD Canada stated safe aviation and renewable energy can co-exist.

“Canada has an enviable aviation safety record because a proper process has been put in place to evaluate any new and/or changing circumstances, and regulating bodies have been put in place to ensure the system works,” added Surette. “Airport facilities and authorities throughout the world have followed this well-established process to continue to ensure safety in aviation.”

Construction is expected to begin in late spring or early summer.