BARRIE, ONT. -- Saturday was the perfect fall day to pick up some last-minute ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. But this year's won't be the traditional feast.

For most, the get-together will be a lot smaller than in previous years. The province is asking people to limit celebrations to members of their households unless they live alone. The government is also calling on Ontarians to limit the number of trips they make this weekend--asking people to try and to stay home if they can.

On Saturday, Premier Doug Ford released a statement calling the Thanksgiving weekend "an opportunity to take time and reflect on what matters most as we all live through these unprecedented times."

Peter Sullivan was shopping for the holiday at the Barrie farmers' market Saturday. He understands what the province is trying to do.

"Thanksgiving is a little smaller and quieter, which I appreciate," Sullivan says.

He plans to limit his Thanksgiving to himself, his wife, and their children who live at home.

Another Barrie resident who would typically have as many 16 people crowded around the table is also scaling back.

"We're going to go household only except for my daughter. She is coming from another household. So there's five of us," she explained.