BARRIE -- More than ten millimetres of ice build-up is possible after Environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning for most of the region.

Freezing rain began mid-afternoon, and is expected to continue into Monday morning, tapering off around noon.

Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist, Dave Phillips says the temperatures and winds are key factors to how much damage this storm could potentially cause.

"The temperature will determine whether it's the liquid stuff or rain, or the freezing rain and as temperatures fall between the freezing mark, it's gonna be the freezing rain, "says Phillips, who adds strong winds could reach 50 kilometres per hour, and will increase the likelihood of power outages," strength of those winds will cause more stress on the wires and cables and bring those down."

Meanwhile, officials with Alectra Utilities say its crews are at the ready to combat Mother Nature.

"We have people in our control room that are monitoring the weather 24/7," says Rachel Bertone, Media spokesperson with Alectra Utilities.

"We also have additional crews available for dispatch in the event that they are needed, and if the storm does result in prolonged power outages, we have our crews available from other parts of our service territories for additional support."

Alectra officials also say people should be equipped with a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit, which includes water, food and a flashlight.

The utility company is reminding people who encounter a downed power line to stay back at least 10 metres. They will be posting storm updates on its website and twitter.