The days of plastic cutlery, plastic shopping bags, and plastic water bottles could be numbered in The Blue Mountains.

Town council has passed a motion to ban the single-use plastics voluntarily.

“What we have introduced is asking people to reduce or eliminate, as much as possible, the use of these plastics,” said Mayor Alar Soever.

While the ban is mostly symbolic at this point, the town has appointed a committee to look at the issue of single-use plastics and come up with a plan to take more concrete action by January 2020.

“Anything is a step in the right direction it’s such a big problem, plastics are everywhere. They are dumped in our oceans, just everywhere,” Blue Mountain resident Ben Salvatore said.

The federal government also announced plans to ban some single-use plastics by 2021.

Canadians throw away three-million tonnes of plastic every year. Less than 10 percent is recycled.

Worldwide, it’s estimated that a million birds and thousands of marine mammals are injured or die when they mistake plastic for food.

Georgian Bay isn’t immune to the problem. Plastic washes up on our beaches, becomes wedged between rocks, and researchers say they find it in the stomachs of fish.

The mayor said there would be public consultations before anything mandatory comes into effect.