BARRIE, ONT. -- Police are warning residents about a couple of scams, one involving multiple suspects posing as utility company workers who allege the victim has late payments.

According to South Simcoe Police, the fraudster told an Innisfil resident to take money out of a Barrie mall ATM and bring the cash to a gas station.

The suspect threatened the resident with disconnecting their home's power supply if they refused.

Police say the victim didn't fall for the ruse and instead reported the fraud.

Police advise getting the name of anyone claiming to be from a utility company and calling the company directly to confirm the legitimacy.

They also suggest checking your utility bill for company information.

The second scam involves a dog advertised for sale on Facebook.

Police say the victim sent an e-transfer to pay for the pup, but when they showed up to the Newmarket address to pick up the animal, they realized the ad was a fake.

South Simcoe Police say it's best not to send money, gift cards, wire transfers or Bitcoin before seeing a pet in person or via video call. Even then, police say it's "nearly impossible" to get that money back once sent.

Residents are encouraged to notify the police of all scams to prevent others from becoming victims of fraud.