Twin Lakes Secondary School was placed in a police-initiated lockdown on Tuesday morning after an alleged threat was made against the Orillia school.

The lockdown remained in effect most of the school day causing stress and concern among students and parents like Scott Smith. “(I am) worried for her. I just want to see that she’s okay. I know she is, but you got to see her, you know?”

Police stood with rifles cordoning off several area streets and conducting a thorough inspection of the building. “We’re doing an extensive floor by floor search for anything out of the ordinary or suspects,” said Sgt. Jason Folz this afternoon. “It’s unclear at this time whether there were weapons involved in this particular case.”

About 500 students and staff were evacuated to a nearby public school a little over an hour after the lockdown started. Harriett Todd and Orchard Park public schools were placed in a hold and secure, meaning no one could enter or exit.

At two o’clock it all came to an end with an announcement the lockdown was cancelled.

“We’re very thankful that this particular situation turned out with no injuries at all,” said Sgt. Folz.

It was also a relief for parents who held their children a little tighter this afternoon.

“Very emotional, I’ll be happy to take her home,” said one parent.

Tactical officers have deemed the high school on Birch Street safe, and students were able to recover their belongings.

No arrests were made in connection to the alleged threat.

Police are continuing to investigate.