BARRIE -- Vandals are at it again, targeting homes in south-end Barrie, shattering windows of homes and cars.

Police are still looking for information after multiple people reported being vandalized by three or four people accused of shooting marble-sized pellets from a car.

Police say the area of Tamarack Trail has been hit more than once.

One homeowner claims to have been a victim twice. Surveillance video shows the suspects driving by, slowing and shooting at cars and homes over the holidays. The most recent incident happened just last week and residents are growing concerned.

"There are lots of little kids in the area, and if people were driving around shooting ball bearings, I think that's very concerning."

Police believe the culprits are using a slingshot or an altered airsoft rifle.

"It's something that's able to cause significant damage, and certainly from some of the video footage we've seen as well, these individuals are rather accurate with what they're doing," explains Peter Leon, corporate communications with Barrie Police.

Between Dec. 13 and Dec. 25, South Simcoe Police say eight houses were targetted similarly. The bulk of the vandalism happened in Alcona, in the area of Westmount Avenue and Leonard's Beach.

"There's a very good chance that they are related and maybe involve the same people that are responsible," says South Simcoe Police Sergeant gt. Brad Reynolds. "So we are working with Barrie on that, with any information we have."

Anyone with information on these incidents is encouraged to contact the police.