The Penetanguishene wharf is in desperate need of repairs in order to restore its structural integrity.

A series of engineering reports have identified that the wharf has reached the end of its useful life.

The wharf is experiencing a substantial amount of aggregate loss around the supporting structures which serves to protect its performance, a report stated.

An underwater investigation determined that the wood sub-structure supporting the concrete is insatisfactory condition, but immediate attention is needed to address the deterioration of the concrete and loss of aggregate protecting thewharf.

“Without the repairs, the integrity that is currently compromised will continue to deteriorate at an expeditedrate,” stated Sherry Desjardins, director of recreation and community services in a report to councillors.

The original wharf was constructed in 1888 and rebuilt in 1936.

The repairs would restore the structural integrity of the wharf and extend its current useful life by approximately15 to 20years.

The cost to replace the wharf in 20 years is estimated at $8 million.

The total cost of the repairs is estimated at more than $866-thousand.

In 2017-2018 the town surplus was $627,725, which staff has recommended be allocated to the repairs.

The Committee of the Whole gave initial approval to move forward with the repairs and award the project to JKF Contracting Ltd.

“If we wait two or three years, we could be facing a million, two million, three so why do we not bite the bullet and get it done,” said Mayor Doug Leroux.

Council will hold a final vote on the matter at its next meeting on Wednesday. If passed, construction will start this summer.