BARRIE, ONT. -- Parts of Simcoe County could wake up on Monday morning to an early taste of winter.

On Sunday morning, Environment Canada issued a snow squall watch for both Barrie and Collingwood.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips says we could see up to 15 centimetres of snow as Alberta Clipper hits the region.

"This is a very fast-moving system that has moved right across the country," says Phillips. "It often will be a mixture of cool air above and the warm air below, and it creates some wild weather."

Barrie saw periods of rain and heavy winds Sunday afternoon with parts of the city already seeing snowflakes.

Phillips says you shouldn't expect snow to stick around too long, although the Monday morning commute could be affected. The first snowfall is always the worst.

"Because we have to learn to drive all over again," he says. "The roads are not greased up with salt and sand, so what we see are some slick situations."

Meanwhile, supervisors at Home Hardware on Minets Point say they're ready for when the wicked weather comes.

"We are prepared," says supervisor Kim Burley. "We have a lot of items here now ready for people, and I guess the snow is coming."

Managers say the store is already seeing people buying rock salt and shovels before the snow begins to fly. Sales associate, Sam Cameron, says people are even in the market for snowblowers, with the store selling three sold just this past week.

"Knowing us in Canada here, the snow comes with a fury, and don't know how long it's going to stay, and you want to be safe, right," says employee Sam Cameron.

You won't need your shovels or snowblowers for too long. Phillips says temperatures should be in the mid-teens this week; four to five degrees warmer than usual.