BARRIE, ONT. -- A local charity in Barrie is teaming up with two local businesses for its latest fundraising effort.

Barrie Families Unite will officially launch its 'Pamper a Parent' drive on Monday. The fundraiser is a joint effort between the group of volunteers and Barrie's Midas locations and the Sun Emporium.

"We just want to be involved in our community," says Dalice Peoples, the office manager for Midas. "We're here every day. We have lots of single-parent customers; we had a lot of customers affected by the tornado, so we're at a position where we can help, so why wouldn't we help?"

The team at Midas first worked closely with Barrie Families Unite during its efforts to support families severely impacted by July's tornado. They reached out to the group's founder Nikki Glahn to brainstorm how they could best help this Christmas.

Through the 'Pamper a Parent' fundraiser, the group is asking for donations targeted to both male and female adults.

"It didn't take too long to land on this demographic of individuals that we felt kind of get looked over a little at the holiday season," Glahn says. "There's lots of great Christmas and holiday initiatives for many other demographics in our town, but it's one that we service a lot as a not-for-profit agency."

Requested items include socks, teas, toiletries and candles.

The group is accepting nominations for adults in need this holiday season, with self-nominations accepted. However, not all nominees are guaranteed to receive a package.

Donations can be dropped off at Barrie's two Midas locations or the two Sun Emporium locations until Dec. 18.