A field full of cannabis plants will soon grow in Melancthon Township.

A Toronto-based company purchased the land near Orangeville for the ‘Open Air Marijuana Farm.’

Kyle Ferris is the realtor who brokered the deal with NWN Scientific and said there are no greenhouses, only farm fields.

“The perimeter of the property is going to be fenced with security fencing. It’ll be about 10-feet high, some barbed-wire, it’ll be buffered with some trees,” he explains.

The company plans to use the marijuana to create creams, cosmetics, gel caps and oil, edibles and vaping.

Plants will grow on one-hundred-acres of the land, and the company plans to build a pre-processing plant with the primary processing taking place at a lab in Mississauga.

Melancthon Mayor Darren White said there weren’t any zoning hurdles to flag. “[It’s] an agriculturally grown product and they’re growing it on agricultural land, so there’s really not much that we could not approve.”

Neighbours aren’t exactly happy about the pot production that will grow in their backyard. Most worry about the smell, but the mayor says it won’t be a problem. “We’ve been assured that the main smell would be during a two to three-week window, during the actual harvesting of the product.”

The farm will bring in roughly 40 to 60 seasonal jobs, something the town is ready to welcome.

NWN Scientific is currently in the process of getting its licences from Health Canada, and if all goes according to plan, the company hopes to have their first crop planted next spring.