The Ontario SPCA is investigating allegations of animal cruelty at a local kennel after a video posted online went viral.

The video posted on Facebook by Natasha Guerriero shows a dog tied to a short leash, limping and appeared to be in distress.

“At first we were thinking they were only out there to get switched every time there was a dog sledding to be done,” wrote in her Facebook post.

“But that’s not the case. These dogs live all day and all night with broken wooden houses and straw to keep them warm.”

The video was taken at Windrift Kennels in Moonstone. The Whitby couple visited for a dog sledding tour and alleges that several dogs appeared to be in poor condition.

On Monday, the OSPCA arrived on scene to investigate. A woman, who identified herself as the owner of Windrift, opened the front gates to let them in.

When asked for a comment, the woman refused and walked away.

In a statement to CTV New, the OSPCA says it has received concerns relating to a dog sled operation.

"I can confirm that concerns relating to a dog sled operation in central Ontario have been reported to the Ontario SPCA and we are following up accordingly,” the statement said. “As the investigation progresses, we will provide regular updates regarding the welfare of the dogs."

CTV News showed the viral video to Barrie veterinarian Dr. Karren Prost.

“They look like they are active and moving around. Their tales are wagging, they’re interacting with people, so I wouldn't necessarily say that they're in any sort of medical distress from what I am used to seeing."

Toronto Adventures is the company that has used Windrift Kennels for dog sledding. In a statement on its website, it says "We've been made aware that one of the dogs had a sore on his/her leg via a concerned participant in one of our events, we've contacted Windrift Kennels to make sure the dog is being appropriately taken care of.”

The company also said it would be requesting an additional inspection of the kennel.

CTV News made several attempts to reach out to Guerriero for comment, but our messages went unreturned.