There are furry felines, wagging tails, and feathers, lots and lots of feathers.  Duck lovers unit.  The OSPCA is looking for people willing to give a duck a loving home. 

“It’s true. We do often deal with livestock.  You never know when we are going to have ducks, chickens, pigs, or what-have-you in our care, and this is an example of that,” says OSPCA’s Kallie Milleman.

The SPCA hasn't said where all the ducks came from, only that they needed help.

There are 100 Muscovy ducks currently being housed at a ‘farm animal rescue’ in Mulmur until homes can be found for them, and Milleman says not everyone will fit the bill.

“Of course we are looking for candidates that have a little experience perhaps with birds or ducks, and have done their research, and are ready to bring ducks into their lives.”

Muscovy ducks are native to Central America and have been domesticated, mainly for their meat, but the SPCA says they will be adopted out in small groups to families that intend to keep them as pets. 

To find out more information on how to adopt a feathery friend check the Ontario SPCA website.