ORILLIA, ONT. -- At 108 years of age, Helen Sinclair isn't ready to slow down any time soon.

"Age means nothing to me," she says. "I don't feel different from when I was 40!"

The Orillia woman lives alone in her apartment, does her grocery shopping, her cleaning, gets her hair done regularly and doesn't rely on anyone to get her where she needs to go.

"My licence is still good for one more year," she boasts.

Ms. Sinclair celebrated her 108th birthday on Thursday, reflecting on her younger years with her niece and friend.

Having spent her entire life living in Orillia says she's seen it grow and change.

"From horses and buggies, dirt roads, to cars and all the modern conveniences we have... even the cars. When I was growing up, things were different. And I still remember very vividly seeing cars and horses and buggies on our main street... mud roads, sidewalks with no pavement. Things like that," she recalls.

Ms. Sinclair has memories of attending Orillia Centre School in a world with no television or radio.

"I remember our first telephone in Orillia. My phone number was 236."

She reminisces about being a teen in a small town. "As teenagers, we went to the Pav - that was the building torn down now on the corner of Bay Street and the park. It was a beautiful place for teenagers. Orchestra, pop... all the pop you wanted. That was a weekend affair!"

Now, at 108 years young, Ms. Sinclair spends her days sleeping in, reading the news, sewing or playing games on her Ipad, which she calls an "amazing invention."

Not surprisingly, Ms. Sinclair is already looking ahead to her 109th birthday.