An Orangeville woman has created a new game that she hopes will help her win the title of ‘Mompreneur’ of the year.

When Ryan Galbraith was a little kid his mother says he was a handful.

“Absolutely, there was some challenging moments,” says Cindy Williams.

Frustrated, Cindy came up with a game of consequence and reward and called it the ‘Red Card Blue Card’ game. If Ryan misbehaved he had to choose a red card and follow through on the consequences but if he was good all day he got a blue card as a reward.

“Which is a lot of fun, a lot of rewards in there, relationship building cards in there so that you’re spending time with your child. It’s not just child training, it’s parent training,” says Williams.

The game worked well for Ryan and Cindy.

“All of a sudden the attitude changed, he just really learned fast and he really didn’t want the red cards. He just wanted the blue cards and it just made parenting simple,” added Williams.

The Orangeville mom shared her game with friends and family and they encouraged her to market the idea and now she has. And although it would have been cheaper to do it overseas, Cindy insisted on using a Canadian company and now she’s nominated for a local mom entrepreneur award.

Her son Ryan says he understands his mom and her message behind the game.

“To behave and do good things and you get good things in return is really the golden rule.”

To find out where the ‘Red Card Blue Card’ game is available click here.

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