The Orillia OPP is issuing a warning about a new scam that preys on the good nature of people.

Police say the people involved pretend to be out of gas, or that their car has broken down, and ask people to help them by buying jewellery in exchange for cash.

Police say they are very convincing and at times, will have women, children or animals present to help pressure people to purchase their jewels for a sum.

The jewels are later found to be costume jewellery and therefore worthless.

A pawn shop in Orillia has had 10 clients within the last month looking to sell or have an appraisal done on gold jewellery, only to find out its fake.

Police are investigating several instances of this scam occurring in several areas around the region, and would like anyone who may have been a victim or has information to come forward.

Provincial Police want to warn the public to never offer money, especially large sums, to a stranger and to instead, call the police.