The Town of Midland has had its own police force for more than a century, but that could soon change.

At the town's request, the OPP presented a proposal for policing back in February. Now a consultant has completed a cost comparison against Midland Police Service.

The report released last Friday shows how much the town could save if the OPP takes over policing next year.

“It shows that over a 10 year period, which is an appropriate period of time for police service budget, it shows saving of about $8 million,” says Mayor Gord McKay.  

In the OPP's proposal, there would be at least three officers and one sergeant on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also stats an additional staff sergeant would be on during business hours.

If the OPP takes over here there would be $3.4 million in transitional costs.

CTV News reached out to Midland police, but they did not comment on the matter on Monday afternoon.

McKay says policing is the town's biggest single expense.

“It represents 27 per cent. Naturally town council rallies around this and closely looks at what’s being done with it.”

The town will hold a public meeting next month to address any concerns.

“Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions and council will have the opportunity to allay any myths,” says Stewart Strathearn, town councillor.

The OPP gave the town an extra month to consider their proposal.

Midland town council is expected to make their final decision on Sept. 6.