ALLISTON, ONT. -- Police in Alliston are trying to piece together a recent rash of robberies, including two on Monday night.

Rocco's Fine Foods & Catering was hit at around 9:00 pm Monday. Police say cash, liquor and power tools valued at over $5,000 were taken.

About 90 minutes after Rocco's was broken into, police say thieves made their way down the road to All in 1 Supplements & Nutrition.

Owner Brian Fitzsimmons says in under five minutes, the crooks smashed the till open and broke the glass in the front door.

Like many small business owners Fitzsimmons says he is just trying to stay afloat, and this doesn't help.

"It's just one more added bill now; whether the insurance covers it or not, it's just one more added bill. The deductible is one more added bill for me".

Police are working on a couple of leads but have not yet been able to get all of the video surveillance neighbouring stores would have captured because most of them are closed under the stay-at-home order.

The OPP is working with other local forces to see if these two robberies are connected to four others in recent weeks.