The interim order restricting navigation in the Muskoka region has been lifted, but provincial police say the waterways are still full of debris and caution boaters that there may be hidden dangers.

The water restriction was put in place by the Minister of Transport on April 30 for Lake Muskoka, the North and South Branch of the Muskoka River and the Moon River.

Marc Garneau, the Minister of Transport, said in a statement, “I am pleased to see the improved situation in the Muskoka area. We continue to work with municipalities and law enforcement to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.”

Bracebridge Mayor tweeted on Tuesday about the order being lifted, it reads, “All vessel operators are asked to be cautious on the waters, including watching for debris and adjusting vessel speeds to limit wake.”

The OPP asks that everyone on the water use extra caution and wear a lifejacket.