HUNTSVILLE -- If you're heading to downtown Huntsville anytime soon, you might hit a few roadblocks along the way as the town continues its core revitalization into the summer months.

The $12 million upgrade will replace old pipes and other ageing infrastructure in the town's historic downtown, and while they're at it, the Huntsville Mayor, Karen Terziano, says it will take the opportunity to beautify the core at the same time.

"It's a tough job that has to be done once, maybe every 50 to 60 years, but once it's done, look out," says Terziano.

The mayor says the downtown will be lined with new trees and will have a park feel. It will also get new street lights, crosswalks, and a new park connecting to the back of Main Street.

Many of the businesses along Main Street impacted by the project call the construction a short-term pain for a long-term gain.

"I would have been in the camp to do it later, but then I thought about it, and it's the perfect time to get it done," says Catherine Cole with The Great Vine.

"The businesses are already struggling, so ya get it all over with at one time and let's hope we can open up, and it beautiful when it's done."

Troy Cox with Pharmasave says, "With the lockdown and what's going on with the pandemic this summer is actually going to be okay doing it ."

There is plenty of signage in and around town informing people of the road closures; most importantly, Terziano says the businesses are still open during the work.

"We do all of our major revenues in the summertime, so we need everybody to know this summer that businesses in downtown Huntsville is fully open,"

Most of the work is expected to be complete by the end of November, and crews will return after the winter for some finishing touches.