The stage is being set for a big battle over Burl’s Creek Events Ground in Oro-Medonte.

The owners of Burl’s Creek filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and will challenge Oro-Medonte Township’s   temporary use by-law.  

An appeal can be filed with the OMB within 120 days from the date when the application is deemed complete. The Township deemed the application complete on April 13, 2015.

This past summer, Burl’s Creek hosted two major concert and camping festivals, WayHome and Boots and Hearts which attracted tens of thousands of people.

The Event’s ground was fined by the township last year for violating by-laws on land use during The Automotive Flea Market. The event’s ground pleaded guilty to seven violations and paid $200, 000 dollars in fines.

More than 100 people brought their differing views to a preliminary hearing Thursday.

The OMB had granted five groups party status for the hearing including Burl’s Creek, Friends of Burl’s Creek, the Township of Oro-Medonte, Save Oro, and the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority.

On Thursday, a sixth party joined the fray, Montagnais Metis First Nation. They believe there is a Huron Wendatt settlement on the land and could include an ancient burial ground.

Burl’s Creek and the Friends of Burl’s Creek want the township to re-issue a temporary land use by-law, which would allow them to host events this summer.

Other groups such as Save Oro and the Montagnais Metis First Nation oppose that plan.

The OMB hearing will continue on Feb. 26