BARRIE, ONT. -- It's not a typical call for Barrie police tactical teams.

Early Friday morning, officers were called for a black bear spotted running through neighbourhoods in the south end of the city, putting police and residents on high alert.

"The bear went from house to house to house," said one officer as they worked to set up a perimeter.

The bear was first seen in the area of Tiffin and Innisfil streets and made its way to Fairview Road and Little Avenue.

As the chase was on, residents were told to remain indoors because the bear was moving quickly.

Black bear

After hours of following the bear, officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), along with Barrie police officers, safely tranquillized and contained the animal in a backyard in the area of Little Avenue and Chieftain Crescent.

Barrie bear

Bear tranquilized

"We're bear-y glad we were able to work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to safely contain and relocate the bear," Barrie police said in a release following the animal's safe capture.

Black bear Barrie

The MNRF says the bear will be released on Crown land away from the incident.