Two OPP officers rescued an injured bear by creating a net from traffic vests.

The bear cub was injured after being hit by a car near Bracebridge on Highway 11 on Monday. Scared, the cub climbed into a nearby tree.

Const. Dean Ronson and Const. James Reading found the cub and noticed it was hurt and about to fall. After slowing traffic in the area and calling “Bear With Us" – a sanctuary that specifically helps bears – they devised a way to catch the animal.

“We went to the trunks of our cars, grabbed our traffic vests, overlaid them,” says Ronson.  

They figured the vests could help cradle the bear if they couldn’t catch it with their hands.

“We knew it would only be seconds, but we were able to run and get under the tree in time and we positioned the vests,” says Reading.

"She hit the vests the police officers were using as a catch all. I grabbed her then Dr. Trinita Barboza of the national wildlife centre injected her with a sedative," says Mike McIntosh of Bear With Us.  

The bear was taken to the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary for preliminary treatment.

X-rays of the cub shows it suffered a broken bone and likely damaged others.  The quick action by the officers prevents things from getting worse.

"All of the pieces fell into place and we are very proud to have been part of it," says Reading.

The bear is on its way to the National Wildlife centre in Caledon.

At this point, the bear is expected to make a full recovery, but it will spend the next year at the Bear With Us sanctuary until its mature enough to be released.