After five hours of deliberating, the trial of James McCallen came to an end with the jury delivering a not guilty verdict.

Jillian Clare and Julian Zenczuk, both 24, walked out of the Barrie courthouse on Thursday evening, after having been accused of manslaughter following the death of 56-year-old McCallen on Sept. 11, 2015.

Earlier this month, two other people, James Paniccia, 23, and Ebenezer Ampadu, 26, were acquitted of manslaughter in connection with the Bradford man's death after the judge decided there wasn't enough evidence to continue.

Court had heard James McCallen and two others were walking home after a night of drinking when they encountered three men and one woman. Police had alleged an altercation took place, leaving McCallen bloody and unconscious in his driveway.

Zenczuk had previously admitted, while testifying in his defence, that he hit the 56-year-old victim, claiming it was self-defence.

McCallen fell back and hit his head. He never regained consciousness and died in hospital 12 days later.

All four accused pleaded not guilty.

Clare's defence lawyer, Leo Kinahan, tells CTV News his client is relieved that after nearly four years, she can finally move on.

Late Friday afternoon the daughter of James McCallen, Carly McCallen, issued a statement to CTV News. It reads, "The family of James McCallen will never forget him. This never should've happened, and a not guilty verdict is such an injustice to him and our family, but we will find a way to try and move on. "  It goes on to say, “We want to thank South Simcoe Police and the Crown attorneys for all the work and time they put in to fighting for him. We won’t forget you.”