BARRIE, ONT. -- Jessica and Rodrigo Silva were expecting their second baby to be born at the Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston.

They made it as far as the parking lot.

On July 16, a very pregnant Jessica was assessed by her midwife around 11 a.m. and sent home. Four hours later, she headed back out the door with her husband. Jessica was in active labour.

After reaching the hospital, Jessica tried walking inside, but things quickly changed.

"I knew I had to push," she described. "The weight of everything was unbelievable. I physically couldn't take another step."

Luckily for the couple, registered practical nurse Caroline Greason was working in the COVID-19 screening trailer outside the hospital's main entrance and heard Jessica's screams.

She ran out to find the couple and jumped into action.

Less than 30 minutes after leaving their home, the couple welcomed their second child, Elias.

Meanwhile, Pryanka Balley was dropping off a family member at the hospital when she noticed the commotion. She ran to her car to grab a sweater to keep the baby warm.

"We are so thankful for all that Caroline and Pryanka did to ensure Elias was safe," Jessica said.

The couple recently reunited with the two women they credit with helping to bring their baby into the world.

"No one hesitated to help us, in a time when people are needing to distance themselves to remain safe. The hospital, the staff and community members were there for us when we needed them, and we will never forget it," Jessica added.

With files from Stevenson Memorial Hospital