BARRIE -- An iconic, national historic museum in Orilla needs your help.

The Leacock Museum Historic Site that was home to the famed Canadian writer and humourist Stephen Leacock is looking for input as to how to make the property more appealing and diverse.

The 10 acres that include the cottage, the boathouse, surrounding grounds and brewery bay serves as a popular tourist and event site, but city officials say it could be so much more.

It's designed a master plan for the site that includes inviting the public suggestions and comments about possibilities.

"It's been about 20 years since we've had a strategic plan or document done for the museum and it's time because we're into 2020, a new decade, and it's time to look at new trends, new opportunities,” Jacqueline Soczka with the City of Orillia said.

The public is invited to come and participate in one of two master plan sessions Thursday on the Leacock site.