Residents in Springwater Township area have a new way to stay fit  – a new outdoor gym.

The new outdoor fitness centre will help people glide, pull, and step their way to being healthier – all without opening their wallets.

“It’s in the heart of Midhurst, the Hunter Russell Trail hooks right up so people can run the trail and then go use the fitness equipment,” say Janine Peck with Springwater Township.

As for people with children, there’s a built in babysitter right next door – a kids playground within eyesight of the fitness centre.

“I love the idea of an outdoor gym; I can come here at my own convenience. I can bring my kids and I don’t need a membership,” says resident Manuela Lord.

The fitness centre cost Springwater Township about $20,000. The gym was built by an Ontario company and is made to withstand hot summers and cold winters. The gym has nine pieces, including an elliptical, a stair climber, and balance beams.

If you are not sure how to use every piece of equipment there are instructions attached that explain how they work. The gym will be open 12 months a year in the sun, rain, and snow.