INNISFIL -- New rules are now in effect for beachgoers at Innisfil Beach Park.

Beginning this weekend, anyone wanting to catch some rays will have to do so on the grass now that the town passed a bylaw that prevents the use of beach towels, umbrellas and tents on the sand portion of the beach.

Innisfil Mayor, Lynn Dollin, says it will prevent "pinch points that we're finding, and that's what's creating the problem."

"We're asking people this weekend to use the sand only to get in and out of the water or to play in the sand."

The town has also drawn social distancing circles, similar to those seen at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto. The hope is the new measures will keep people apart.

But Dollin says if these measures fall through, the town will have no choice than to close the beach altogether.

Parking at the beach area is strictly for residents only. The town is looking at doubling fines and is towing cars parked illegally. Dollin hopes that this plays as a deterrent for those from out of town.

While Mayor Dollin is receiving heat from the surrounding GTA and Barrie resident, people at the beach Saturday say they were happy and felt safer with the new rules.