The cutting of an eco-friendly burlap ribbon officially opened the Clearview eco-park in Stayner on Thursday.

“The objective of the park is pretty much the same as the objective of the nature league, to create awareness and appreciation of our natural surroundings in the Georgian Triangle,” says Gary Cauthers with the Nature League.

The Nature League is one of many community partners which helped make the 400 hectare eco-park possible.

The eco-park is already known to many ornithologists, with more than 130 different species of birds in the area. And a new fence allows for an undisturbed view of birds and other wildlife in the park.

“It allows viewers to see wildlife, up to 300 different species – 126 which have already been documented at this site – without disturbing them in their natural habitat,” says natural heritage technologist Emily Shildrick.

The park will also provide advantages for nearby Stayner Collegiate.

“Because we can walk right over from the school, we are able to look at environmental studies, geography, sciences.  There are just so many really good authentic learning opportunities for our students here,” says Stayner Collegiate’s Janice Ellerby.

And town officials say the Clearview eco-park will continue to grow along with the local population.

“There is a huge 1,100 home subdivision planned just east of here so we plan to hook this trail to that development as well,” says Clearview Township CAO Stephen Sage.

There is no charge to explore the park and it’s open seven days a week, 365 days a year.