BARRIE, ONT. -- A group of entrepreneurs are the driving force behind a new community market in Gravenhurst.

Aptly called the Gravenhurst Community Market, Chantal Belcourt started the idea after she was unable to secure a spot in the already existing farmers market in the cottage country community.

"I put out a post on social media asking if there was a need within the community, and there was quite a bit of positive feedback in regards to it; vendors needing an outlet to sell their products," Belcourt says to CTV News.

The already-existing market runs on a weekday, so after polling those interested potential vendors, Belcourt realized there was a desire for it on the weekend.

"For those that work during the week, that work a Monday to Friday workweek, they are able to come out on a Sunday," says Belcourt. "It gives people something to do and look forward to."

There is a mixture of vendors available, with many artisans now having a proper outlet to display their products.

"This opportunity is just great because I know a lot of vendors can't get into the local farmers' markets; they are very full," says Brooke Morrow of Kigons Creations. "So this is just a great opportunity for smaller vendors, people who want to get their work out there in the community."

On day one, Gravenhurst mayor Paul Kelly was in attendance, voicing his support for the new initiative.

"Having this on a weekend because we have a lot of our seasonal residents coming up on weekends and also the tourism trade is certainly attracted to this kind of opportunity," says Kelly.

The market will run on Sundays at the Muskoka Drive-In from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.