An 19-year-old Bradford man, who was charged in an internet luring case last fall, is now facing more than 50 new charges.

South Simcoe Police say they laid a total of 58 charges against Justin Salvanera relating to 16 victims from around the world on Thursday.

Officers say they worked with police agencies from several different countries to identify victims and gather evidence.

Back in October, police alleged Salvanera used social media to prey on young teenagers around the world.

The alleged luring took place on a social media site, where Salvanera used the alias “Frida Barbosa.” He had accounts on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Vine.

"He would contact people through the internet and basically be pretending to be a female and would extort pictues of a sexual nature," said South Simcoe Police Constable Rich Williamson.

Salvenera now faces a total of 61 charges, which include possession of child pornography, internet luring, and extortion.

Salvanera remains out on bail under strict conditions,  including having to live with his parents and he can't have access to any device that can access the internet.