SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP, ONT. -- Since the pandemic, many people have started working from home.  A new alternative workspace in Springwater Township replaces the kids, the dogs, and all the distractions with nature and some peace and quiet.

"Coming to a coworking space, you find community. You find connections, but you get work done," says Chad Ballantyne, co-founder of Canopy Coworking.

The unique workspace is equipped with private desks, open spaces and meeting rooms.

Ballantyne says it's the ideal hub. "It's geared towards people who can work from anywhere. Maybe a laptop is their primary tool, but we cater to small businesses, startups, micro-businesses. A lot of digital media companies."

Co-founder Brandon Day says the demand is high for a space that fuels creativity, like being one with nature.

"I think people are starting to miss the true connection we used to have pre-COVID. So this is just a place you can work safely and collaborate with others," Day says.

Canopy Coworking has a mission to give back to the community while offering an alternative approach to work, something Online Fitness coach Carolina Belmares appreciates.

"I can't get any work done at home. It's very difficult to focus when you're like me, easily distracted," Belmares says.

Canopy Coworking is open now, and those behind it hope it won't take long before collaboration and creativity take root.