A new Netflix children’s series is being filmed right in our backyard with local talent leading the way.

The series, Ponysitters Club, started airing on the streaming platform on August 10. 

The main set is shot on the Wake Robin Farm in Mount Albert, just east of Newmarket.  

Alliston’s Khiyla Aynne plays one of the main characters.

“It’s very different from other roles that I’ve played, but definitely very fun.”

The 10-year-old dancer and actress has another production, and a few commercials, already under her belt.  She also made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and got to show off some dance moves on-stage next to Justin Bieber at the Air Canada Centre last year. 

The series targets a younger audience and deals with caring for the animals on the farm.  

“It’s a very educational show about animal safety and how to work with animals,” says the series director, Marco Deufemia.  He says shooting on the farm can be unpredictable.

“Some of the challenges are weather.  We have to sometimes work around storms,” he says.  “Also, animals can be challenging, they aren’t exactly always cooperative,” he chuckles, “but we get it done. It’s a recipe for some fun.”

The series, about a group of kids who work at a rescue ranch, now has ten episodes on Netflix.